It's so lovely to see you here and I'd love to tell you how this began.

During a gloomy period in my life, I picked up a book that focused on what to do when life’s Plan A doesn’t work out (more on that later). I learned about enduring hardships and accepting lessons, not only about the world, but about myself and how we find our resilience. Reading that book sparked something in me, pushing me to research more about what it means to sit with your suffering, to become self-aware and craft your own happiness by belonging to yourself.

I researched what to do when your brain chemistry, genetics and circumstances might be working against you. I researched patterns to practice that allow us to reframe how we view ourselves and our story, not in self-deception, but in positivity. I learned how to identify personal challenges and how to set an internal focus to improve our responses to those challenges. I learned that writing down what makes us feel happy each day can improve our mood in just three days, and that adding to that a record of what we accomplished will boost our self-esteem as well.

Most importantly, I learned that reflecting helps us build a relationship with ourself and that's the most powerful thing you can do. Self-love. It allows you to label your feelings so you can honor and address them. It allows you to create a new perception of your obstacles. It empowers you to become aware; of your passions, how you act in tough situations, and what you want in life. It means being completely comfortable in your skin, in your strengths and shortcomings and soon you realize what you can and can’t control. When we belong to ourselves we feel comfortable enough to do everything we want, to plan a way to get there and improve ourselves throughout the process. How do we get there? Reflect intentionally and make it a daily practice.

That's why I created the Intentional, to help you learn that while organizing a busy life, we can also design it ourselves. To guide you in your reflection so you can get to know yourself. We don’t have to let life happen to us, we can craft the life we want. We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can decide how to respond and how to move forward. That’s living life on purpose.

I really want you all to come along for the ride, because life can get crazy. We might be late to work 4 times a week, our toddler may have colored all over on the living room walls while we weren't looking, we might have ran out the door without a bra on, forgot to close the garage door, spilled dog food all over the carpet and have already used Amazon Prime Now 5 times this week, but gosh darnit life is beautiful. And I’ll help you see it that way.



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